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The best for kids - Periwinkle Preschool and Daycare, Uttarahalli " Tell me I may forget.... Teach me I may remember....Involve me and I learn !!!

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Activities for pre-writing skills at Periwinkle Preschool and Daycare Pre-writing skills in children enhances the finger grip to hold the pencil and hepls them with formation of letters and line orientation. Kudos to our teachers at Periwinkle who make these activities interesting to the kids and get them indulged in it!!!

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Learning is fun at Periwinkle Preschool and Daycare How does a train go? Look at the photo of Periwinkles below and you know it :-). The excitement of riding a train and having fun with their friends explains it. Learning is fun @ Periwinkle. This was the month to learn about transportation.

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Happy Children's Day Periwinkle enjoying their Children's Day at Kids Adda

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Periwinkle Preschools wishes you all a very happy Independence Day

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Smiling Periwinkles The crying children on Day 1 have gained confidence in their teachers. The agony of leaving parents is forgotten over the joy of playing with the peer group. The pics below tell everything. The transformation is magical. Look at the naughty smiles on our new Periwinkles :-)

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Periwinkle Preschoolers' first group activity It is hardly a week since the new academic session has begun after summer holidays, our new bunch of Periwinkles are all set for the group activity. Get your child to blossom with joy, creativity and independence at Periwinkle Preschool and Daycare. For more information call us on 9900023570 or just walk into any of our centre.

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Periwinkle Preschool reopens First day of schooling is always memorable. Toddlers step into a new journey of schooling with loads of excitement and anxiety of separation from their parents!!!! Teachers at our school console and comfort them with love and affection. Here are glimpses of such first day moments from all 3 branches of Periwinkle Preschools. To begin the journey of your child's schooling at Periwinkle contact us on 9900023570.

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Periwinkle Preschool reopens for new academic session. Periwinkle Preschool is all decked up to welcome the new batch of students. We thank the parents who have chosen us to partner with them to nurture their children. School commences from Monday, 4th June 2018. Enrol your child now to blossom with Creativity, Imagination and Independence at Periwinkle. Admissions are open for all levels at Banashankari, Srinagar and BHCS layout, Uttarahalli. For more details call us on 9900023570.

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Dear Freinds and Family We are delighted to announce the opening of 3rd branch of Periwinkle Preschool at BHCS layout, off Uttarahalli main road. We cordially invite you all to the opening ceremony on Monday, 7th May 2018. Grace the occasion along with your kids as the function includes entertaining and fun filled events for kids from 9.30am to 1.30pm. Here is the map link to the location Please find the invite below With warm Regards, - Team Periwinkle