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daycare centre in banashankari we provide clean surrounding, good healthy food , sound nap time , good care .
Best Preschool Periwinkle Preschool is proud to display the thank you card from our beloved student Nidhi. We wish are good luck for her future. Thank you dear Nidhi.☺️
Summer camp April and May 2018 Outdoor Activity isn’t just fun, but beneficial in a multitude of ways, for starters it improves your child’s cardiovascular strength, it makes them more social and competitive in a good way. So encourage your child to get off that couch and go out to explore and play more, and when there’s company there’s nothing more exciting for a child than that!!!! Come bring your child to Periwinkle Preschool’s summer camp this season and see them shine! For more information and registrations please contact Periwinkle Preschool @ ‭+91 99000 23570‬