Where are we Located?

Ground floor, Prem plaza, Datta Mandir Road,
Mangal Nagar, Wakad, Pune-411033 Maharashtra

Hours Of Operation

Open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM,
Monday to Friday.


Age criteria 2-2.8 Years


Age criteria 2.8-3.8 Years

Junior KG.

Age criteria 3.8-4.8 Years

Senior KG.

Age criteria 4.8-5.8 Years

Who are we?

Every child is special in his/her own way. Children at this age have a brain which gets molded the way they see the world, which is why a hand guiding them in the right direction in these early stages of life are quite essential for them to become leaders of tomorrow. We at Periwinkle Kids Preschool, act as the guiding hand for your children’s bright future.

We provide a curriculum comprising of both indoor and outdoor practices, fun learning activities, practical experiences and innovatively inculcating values and ethics so that each and every day for your child becomes one to remember and cherish.

Our Goals and Missions

We solely aim at the all round development of your child enriching them with values and ethics providing them with opportunities for self-development and self-awareness so that they become better learners of tomorrow. Our vision is to ensure a natural and complete child centered learning and nurturing environment that empowers and motivates our students to be creative and innovative.

The way kids grow


Why Choose Periwinkle?

Stage Exposure and Personality Development

Secured Camera Monitoring

Student centered curriculum

Kitchen Gardening

Balanced Student Teacher Ratio

Music and dance

Sophisticated and Modish Classroom

Library and Story-telling Room

Wholesome Home cooked Meals

Ingenious Teaching

Activity Oriented Hands on Experience

Ball pool

Sand Pit for sensory development of Children

Motor Skill Development Wall

Consistent PTA Meets

Regular Health Checkups

Art and Craft Workshops

Play Zone

What About Admission?

Choosing the right preschool is important for your child’s holistic development in their formative years. For more information about our nursery admissions process, take a guided tour through our facilities to experience all that ‘Periwinkle Kids Preschool’ has to offer.