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'krishna janmashtami celebrations '
The most loved Preschool and Daycare at Banashanksri and Srinagar - Periwinkle Preschool and Daycare "Yellow day" celebrations:-) Colour day concepts make our children identify and relate to the colours in their surroundings. When a colour is highlighted throughout the day, it feels special and memorable to all kids.
Periwinkle Preschools and Daycare Gearing up for Janmashtami Celebrations!!! Parents have decorated the flutes and in turn it has decorated Periwinkle's notice boards🤗🤗🤗
Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations @ Periwinkle preschool, Srinagar. All children looked vibrant dressed as little Krishnas and Radhes:-)
We are as radiant as red!!! - Red colour day celebrations @ Periwinkle Preschool and Daycare, Srinagar
Birthday celebrations at Periwinkle Preschools and Daycare For more info visit us at
Cute little Krishnas and Radhes of Periwinkle Preschool, BSK 2nd stage
We are as radiant as red!!!!- Red colour Day Celebrations @ Periwinkle Preschool, Srinagar
Celebrations @ Periwinkle Preschool and Daycare - Bangalore
Birthday celebrations at Periwinkle Preschools and Daycare