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Summer Camp at Banashankari and Srinagar Shine in Summer at Periwinkle is back again to entertain, engage and enrich your Child's Summer holidays. This Summer Camp has both morning and evening batches for the months - April and May and includes all age groups from 2 years to 16 years. Children will learn Shloka, Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Science experiments, Mental Maths, Farming , Cooking according their age in different groups. Kids will have unlimited fun listening to stories, watching puppet shows, playing at our exclusive water and sand play areas and enjoy indoor and outdoor games specially designed for them. Summer Courses for different skills such as Chess, Karate, Dance, Abacus, Drawing and Painting are conducted at evenings. For more details call us - 9900023570
Summer camp April 2018 While summer is setting in, our kids are cooling off to beat the heat the fun way at our Summer Camp held at Periwinkle Preschool. To register for the summer camp please contact- 990023570
Summer Camp April and May 2018 Get creative with recyclable materials!! A myriad of ideas could be put to use with recyclable materials. Here at Periwinkle preschool’s summer camp, crafting is innovative and always a fun activity, apart from the various other activities we indulge your child in. Let your child Shine this Summer at the Periwinkle Preschool Summer camp!!! For more information and registrations please contact Periwinkle Preschools @ ‭+91 99000 23570‬
Summer camp April and May 2018 Come bring your child to Periwinkle Preschool’s summer camp this season and see them soar high with their creativity and dexterity!!!! Crafting isn’t just fun and engaging but improves your child’s creativity and fine and gross motor skills in a multitude of ways. Let your child shine this summer at the Periwinkle Preschool’s summer camp. For more information and registrations please contact Periwinkle Preschool @ ‭+91 99000 23570‬
Summer camp April and May 2018 Our creative geniuses amazed all of us with their amazingly innovative story telling skills!!!! You’d be surprised to know how the child’s mind thinks and analysis things around them, after just a short demo, these geniuses came up with their own stories with the use of puppets. Here at Periwinkle Preschool’s summer camp we focus on all aspects to develop the child holistically, right from our outdoor play to crafting and story telling, these are just a few activities apart from the myriad of other things we engage your child in. Let your child shine too this summer, bring your little ones to be part of the coolest and funnest summer camp this season!! For more information and registrations please contact Periwinkle Preschool @ ‭+91 99000 23570.